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Islamic TV Is A Non-Profitable Media Organization Established To Share And Enlighten The Teaching Of All The Prophets (Peace Be Upon Them All) Of Allah (SWT). We Aim To Share The Correct And Detailed Knowledge Of The Religion Of Islam Through The Internet As The Media Is Not Sharing The Real Picture Of Islam And Because Of That Many Non-Muslims And Even Muslims Are Leaving The Only True Religion.

ALLAH (SWT) Himself Said In The Quran:

Surely The (True) Religion With Allah Is Islam, And Those To Whom The Book Had Been Given Did Not Show Opposition But After Knowledge Had Come To Them, Out Of Envy Among Themselves; And Whoever Disbelieves In The Communications Of Allah Then Surely Allah Is Quick In Reckoning.

[Surah Al Imran 3:19]

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We Invite You To Join Us For This Noble Cause Of Spreading The Knowledge Of Islam. No Matter Whether You Are A Businessman Or A Student Studying In School You Can Still Join And Contribute To This Platform. We Don’t Want Any Donations From You Except We Want You To Be A Part Of Our Team. May ALLAH (SWT) Helps Us.

How You Can Contribute?

There Are Many Ways By Which You Can Contribute To This Platform Just Enter Your Email Address With Your Name And One Of Our Team Members Will Contact You.

1- You Can Write Articles (English/URDU)
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